Price: 68 USD

    39 pieces of resin parts

    2 PE fret

    1 sheet of decal

    2 brass barrels

70005 French Navy Horizon-Class Destroyer 1/700

About Royal Australian Navy Armidale-Class Patrol Boat:

The Horizon class is a class of air-defence destroyers in service with the French Navy and Italian Navy. The programme started as the Common New Generation Frigate (CNGF), a multi-national collaboration to produce a new generation of air-defence destroyers. In Italy the class is known as the Orizzonte-class, which translates to "horizon" in French and English. The UK then joined France and Italy in the Horizon-class frigate program; however, differing national requirements, workshare arguments and delays led to the UK withdrawing on 26 April 1999 and starting its own national project Type 45 destroyer.